Billiard Business Solutions

Billiard Business Solutions 2.2

It is the best software available for operating and managing pool rooms (See all)

Billiard Business Solutions is the best software available for operating and managing pool rooms. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, many business owners are faced with under-qualified employees and the need to operate their business as an absentee owner. Billiard Business Solutions tackles both of these problems by being very user-friendly and extremely secure. This will allow owners of businesses to relax when they’re not at their establishment 24 hours per day. This software is also capable of performing all of the player and table functions, light controls, memberships, automatic rate changeovers, waiting lists, table alarms and more. Billiard Business Solutions is available alone, but if you need hardware, touch screen and standard turnkey systems are available. Operate your room knowing that you’re in safe hands.
Definitive Synergy has decades of experience operating and writing software for pool rooms. The experience that we have has been installed into our software so your business can be operated with security. On top of our software being secure, it is also easy to use and loaded with features that make you money.

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